Our puppies have arrived!


The puppies of Picúr and Dakota were born on 22nd of February. All four males and even Picúr are doing great. You can find more information HERE.

Dog of The Year and Breeder of The Year competitions - LEOE Hungarian Leonberger Club

The Hungarian Leonberger Club held its yearly club dinner and Top Leonberger and Top Breeder of The Year competition awards on the 16th of February. We are very happy and proud of all our results:

Lions from Fairy Tale kennel: Breeder of The Year 3rd place! We would like to say thank you to all our puppy owners who participated in dog shows this year and helped us to reach this amazing result!

We nominated three dogs in the competition:
Top Puppy Male 2nd place: Lions from Fairy Tale Enzo 
Top Puppy Female 1st place: Lions from Fairy Tale Daisy 
Top Veteran Female 1st place: Dorothy Diamant von Bergen

Our puppies achieved great results too, congratulations to the owners!
Top Puppy Female 2nd place: Lions from Fairy Tale Dolce Vita "Magdi" - owner: Dr. Vépi Attila 
Top Junior Male 2nd place: Lions from Fairy Tale Darwin "Aslan" - owner: Szabolcs László

And congratulations to the children of our Alex:
Top Adult Male 6th place: Luca-Guard Forever Bruno - owner: Törökné Katona Regina, breeder: Kirják József & Kirjákné Gyurján Emese 
Top Adult Female 4th place: Perle des Lebens Angie - owner: Zana Tamás, breeder: Ambrus Éva
And of course to our Dotti's grandson:
Top Adult Male 1st place: Huge Hearted Lion Axel - owner: Greguss Judit, breeder: Eötvös Kitti

And last but not least big congratulations to two young leo owners who were awarded in the "My Dog and me" competition: Komendánt Fanni & Vépi Antónia!

Dotti is Veteran Champion of Austria!


Dotti won her third CAC title in veteran class in Austria, and we received her champion certificate, so she is now officially Veteran Champion of Austria :)

Mufasa is in the TOP 10!


In 2018 son of our Alex, Mufasa (Pan King Pes Kosice Mufasa Z Leonkovho Raja) finished in the TOP 10 in the United States based on his show results, in a very strong competition. With this he surpassed his fantastic 2017 performance, when he finished in the TOP 20. In addition in 2018 he qualified for Crufts, we can't wait to meet him in Birmingham in 2020!

Big congratulations to the whole team:

Owners: Kathy and Mike Suter

Breeder: Jana Belanska

Handlers: Michael and Michelle Scott

Our puppies have arrived!


The puppies of Balisha and Amor were born on 28th of November. All seven puppies (4 males and 3 females) and even Balisha are doing great. You can find more information HERE.

Dotti is Veteran Club Winner in Austria!


The Austrian Leonberger Club organized its yearly club show on the 26th of May. The club celebrated its 40 years anniversary and they had a record number of participants: 130 leonbergers! The event - like always - had a friendly atmosphere this year too.

We travelled with Dotti and Aslan in Anthering. Aslan participated in hobby class where the participants get written report. Judge Alain Pécoult (FR) had a nice opinion about our boy.

And it was the first time for Dotti in veteran class. She enjoyed the work in the ring very much, she can not deny how much she loves dog shows. Uschi Eisner (A) judged the veteran females, and Dotti won first place in her class and got Veteran Club Winner title! Four years ago, Dotti's daughter, Alice won junior class and got Junior Club Winner title, so this great result evoked nice memories.

But it was not the end of the day! Judge Alain Pécoult (FR) decided about the Best Veteran title, and among the female and male Veteran Club Winner he chose Dotti to Best Veteran! In addition to this honorific title we got the special award of the International Leonberger Union.

We are very glad that we got these great acknowledgements, but which is even more important that Dotti is carefree, happy and healthy even over 8 years old, and the only thing I wish to ourselves is to be like this for a long time!

Enzo has arrived!


On the 28th of May Alice gave birth to a healthy boy. You can read more about Enzo HERE.

LEOE Specialty Show 2018


The Hungarian Leonberger Club (LEOE) organized its yearly Specialty Show on the 22nd of April where there were 54 leonbergers which is a record in the history of the Hungarian specialty shows. Our kennel was represented by 10 puppies - I am very grateful to their owners for coming! In addition we entered Dotti, who is the founder of our breeding, and one of Alex' son, Bruno also partecipated on the show, so we had many participants to keep our fingers crossed. :)

The part of our team (Aslan Junior and Lara are missing from the photo):

Minor puppy classes were judged by Hargitai Gábor (H). Among the males we had three participants: Aslan (Darwin), Bruno (Dallas) and Darko (Darth Vader), all three of them were great and got the best result: very promising classification!

Lions from Fairy Tale Darwin "Aslan": very promising 1. Owners: Szabolcs Márta and Szabolcs László

Lions from Fairy Tale Dallas "Bruno": very promising 2. Owner: Baksay Éva

The girls in minor puppy class - just like their brothers - all got very promising classification! :)

Lions from Fairy Tale Daisy "Daisy": very promising 1. Owners: Fülöpné Nemes Ildikó and Komendánt-Fülöp Adrienn

Lions from Fairy Tale Dolce Vita "Magdi": very promising 2. Owners: Zsolnai Júlia and dr. Vépi Attila

Lions from Fairy Tale Druida "Leia": very promising 3. Owner: Gellért-Beszedics Hajnalka

Junior, intermediate, champion and veteran classes were judged by Jorgen Hansen who arrived from Denmark and has been breeding leonbergers for more than 30 years.

Aslan was entered into hobby class. He got a great written report this year too and - as always - it was a pleasure to show him. :-)

The always happy leonberger, Balu participated in open class and got a nice written report. Owner: Paulné Zoltán Zsuzsa.

Alex' son, Luca-Guard Forever Bruno participated in open class and got excellent2 and Res. CAC title. Congratulations to Bruno's breeders, Kirják József and Kirják Emese, and his owner, Törökné Katona Regina! :)

Picúr got excellent1 and CAC title in intermediate class. Owners: Komendánt-Fülöp Adrienn and Komendánt Péter.

After a two years long break we entered Dotti into champion class for the last time as a few weeks later she will compete in veteran class. It was a perfect goodbye from the adult classes and nice end of the successful show years: Dotti was working perfectly, like a young dog in the ring, and even running (!) among her competitors who were 2, 4 and 6 years younger than her. She got excellent classification and won third place! I am extremely proud of her! Of course the most important for us is that she is completely healthy, happy and well-balanced, she really enjoyed the day with her children and grandchildren. To be continued in veteran class soon! :)

Dog of The Year and Breeder of The Year competitions - LEOE Hungarian Leonberger Club


We had a great time at the Hungarian Leonberger Club's club dinner and Dog of the Year competition awards on 10th of February. Our results are:

Lions from Fairy Tale kennel: Breeder of The Year III. place! We won III. place four times in a row: as a dedicated, young and small breeding we are very happy and proud for this great achievement. We would like to say thank you to all members of our dog family, we could not reach these results without you! 

Our dogs were awarded in Dog of The Year competition too:

Lions from Fairy Tale Calliope "Picúr" Best Junior Female I. place!
Lions from Fairy Tale Alien "Mythos" Best Adult Male IV. place!

And big congratulations to my grandson, Alex' son:
Luca-Guard Forever Bruno: Best Junior Male II. place! Bruno's owner: Törökné Katona Regina

Welcome to the website of Lions from Fairy Tale leonberger kennel!



Everything began in May of 2010 when our first leonberger, Dotti was born... After nice show results and successful breeding test we got our kennel name "Lions from Fairy Tale" in the summer of 2012. We have seven leonbergers now: our Alex came to us from Finland in April 2012, and our three "babies" were born last Christmas. My parents' youngest girl, Balisha was born in June of 2014. Since summer of 2016 we have a puppy again: Calliope aka Picur makes our days fantastic. :)

On the left side you can read more information about our dogs, their results and leonberger breed.

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